Corn Fields with Tori & Kayce + The Ravenscroft Tubes

A trip to rural Pennsylvania for a shoot and got to test out the second edition of the custom LED light tubes with some gels.

Late Night Neon in Manhattan with Kayce

Photo shoot in Lower East Side and Chinatown in Manhattan with Kayce.

Coney Island

The Pan Up boys had an evening out in Coney Island capturing stills and footage for Taylor's project Modes of Life.  We also got to sample Nathans Famous Hot Dogs, which are nothing to write home about by any means.

Morgensterns with Kayce & Becca

Spent the afternoon shooting and eating ice cream at Morgensterns in Manhattan. Easily my favorite ice cream shop in NY.


4th of July in Greenpoint

Spent the 4th hanging out with friends, started out at a backyard bbq and ended up in Greenpoint Brooklyn on a rooftop to watch the fireworks over the river. I was able to get some pretty cool long exposure shots of them from our vantage point as well as some nice sunset shots.

Meena's Wedding at the Grand Cayman Island

Such an awesome trip to the Grand Caymans for Meenakshis wedding. Got to catch up with some highschool friends and hang out on the beach for a weekend.

Galderma Differin Shoot with GSD&M in Austin Tx

This is a small sample of photos from a shoot with GSD&M in Austin Tx. It was hilighting parts of peoples daily routines that they do in the mirror. The resulting images were displayed in the lobby at GSD&M.

MORGXN Studio Shoot with Pan Up Productions

Pan Up live studio shoot with MORGXN.

Director: Emmett Kerr-Perkinson
DP: Taylor Washington
1st AC: Helen Cassell
Stills: Robert Ravenscroft

High Maintenance & House of Yes

D'nice invited us to a Party / Filming at the House of Yes for the new season of High Maintenance. I was the only person wearing regular black clothes and they put me right in the front. 

Maryland Film Festival Screening of Scanners

We went to the Maryland film festival or Helen gives us a tour of Baltimore and shows us the Belvedere Hotel 5 times. Which little known fact is a big Russian gang hang out spot in the Red Square Bagles and Grill downstairs. I am now realizing that most of my pictures are of Emmett and Helen, not really sure how that happened.

We ate dinner at this tight Afghan restaurant which was pretty good and Helen got her ice cream that she wouldnt stop talking about the entire trip. John Walters was at our screening of Scanners our new short film and said that he loved it, which was pretty tight as well.

Photos from Manhattan with Rachel


The day before the March blizzard hit Rachel and myself went out exploring Manhattan. We happened to walk across the Brooklyn bridge right at sunset which provided some great lighting for pictures. 

DKMS SXSW 2017 Event Photos



Photographs taken for DKMS at the Melogold and Circus on the Moon House Party during SXSW 2017. 

Sponsored by DKMSTito's Handmade Vodka + JuiceLand + Kentucky Bourbon 

DKMS is a non profit dedicated to helping people with blood cancer, head over to their site to check out what they all do.