Travel photos from a trip to France, Greece, and Spain in July 2016


For the first leg of the trip I flew into Nice France and met Haylee and Bianka at our air bnb where we took the opportunity to explore the city and the Promenade des Anglais the next few days were spent exploring the old town (Vieille Ville) and eating some awesome meals at the night market. We also hit up this great wine bar called La Petite Loge which I would highly reccomend checking out. After Nice Bianka flew back to Austin and Haylee and myself continued on to Cassis. To our surprise upon arrival there was no public transit or taxis running from the train station to the town. So we had to hike with all our luggage to get to our hotel the Le Clos Des Aromes. Shortly after our walk to the hotel we were enjoying some wine on the rocky beach and the next day a hike through the hills to the calanques which provided some awesome photo opportunities including a few portraits with a variant on Halee. We had dinner one night at Le Grand Bleu which had some amazing fish and the next night we ate at Les Frangines where we got some delicious gnochi. On our way out they still had no public transit so we decided to hike/hitchike back to the train station and barely made it in time to catch our train.

Top places in Nice & Cassis:

A day of traveling on the super nice Ailtalia and we find ourselves in Athens Greece where we spend a night before hopping on the fast ferry to Mykonos. Which I would highly recommend taking, it is well worth it to have a 3-4 hr trip on the fast ferry than an ~8 hr trip on a slower one. While in Mykonos we rented a 4 wheeler and took off driving all over the island checking out the beaches. Our first beach was Panormos which was very chill and more the pace we were wanting to check out. Later that day we had some incredibly good gyros in the town center at a place called Sakis. While on that note everywhere we went in Greece they had this super simple but delicious cucumber and tomato salad which became a staple in our meals. The day after we met up with the Himarii, Eric had recently gotten engaged so I took a couple of spur of the moment engagement photos at the sunset in front of the windmills. 

From Mykonos we took another fast ferry to Santorini and upon arrival negotiated a car rental to get to Corfu. Which was an all around complete pain in the ass. We had about 24 hrs in Santorini which was fine because a short walk through Corfu and you have seen everything there is to see there. We had dinner in the town center and got some pictures of the sunset and headed back to our cave air bnb. 

Upon departing Santorini we headed back to Athens for a few days there which had a few pretty cool spots. We checked out a bar called Six d.o.g.s which was had an awesome courtyard and p good drinks. One of the better breakfast meals we had this trip was the waffle cone with yogurt which was from Harvest in Athens.

Top places I would recommend checking out in Mykonos, Santorini, & Athens:

Our last stop was Barcelona which was filled with exploring the insane Gaudi architecture including Parc Güell, Casa Batlló, and La Sagrada Familia. at  and hitting up the Picaso and MACBA museums. One day we stumbled upon a tapas place called Ziryab which is run and employs only deaf people the whole experience was awesome. 

Top places in Barcelona: