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Robert Ravenscroft New York Photographer, Video Producer, and Director | 817-797-0914

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Robert’s always been driven to create. 

From the time he was a teen growing up in the suburbs of Texas, he’d dive deeply and completely into his passions. It moved him to study the details—big and small—that made projects function, shine, and stand out. 

When Robert graduated from the McCombs School of Business at UT Austin with a degree in Finance, it was with the goal of someday running his own business. In 2014 he co-founded Pan Up, a full-service production company. Two years later, he left his job as a financial analyst. 

As a full-time creative, all the years since then have been an incredible blur. He’s produced commercials and social campaigns for Southwest Airlines and Netflix, directed narrative shorts, and lent his creative vision to campaigns for Ford, JBL, and Thursday Boots, among others.

In the photography realm, Robert’s found his niche in commercial work with an emphasis on portraiture. He shoots musicians, models, and friends in a modern, '80s-inspired aesthetic style, steeped in neon colors and textures. Plus, if you were to be like, “but did he design and build some pretty tight custom light tubes that he uses across these shoots?” he’d be like “yes!” and gladly show them to you. Probably before or after a burger with a side of Mezcal Old Fashioned, if you’re into that sort of thing. Which he is. 

Robert’s always delighted to meet new people and hear their stories. Get in touch to chat collaborations, passions, opportunities, and yes...even finance!